Roma community centres

The project Centers for the Roma community: local support to inclusion of Roma in Serbia is a multi-year project implemented since 2017 and carried out in Serbia in partnership of SODI Berlin and FRS Belgrade, together with partner organizations Romanipen from Kragujevac and URBO Pozarevac. The project is implemented with the financial support of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The goal of project is to improve social inclusion of Roma by providing assistance to the local community, taking into account their specific needs. The project envisages the work of three Centers for Roma community in three regional centers in Serbia: Central Serbia (Šumadija), Vojvodina and Eastern Serbia (Braničevo District).

The role of community centers is to provide support services to individuals and families from the Roma community, especially the most vulnerable ones among them, in exercise of rights in the areas of life where they experience difficulties, to assist in the psycho-social empowerment of the community and to publicly advocate the rights and interests of the Roma community in their local environment. Multidisciplinary teams of the centers, composed of social assistants / mediators, legal advisors and psychologists, with the support of coordinators and assistants of the Center, organize legal, psycho-social, practical and logistical and other kinds of assistance and support to members of the community.

The project is implemented by:

Solidaritätsdienst-international e. V. (SODI)

Forum Roma Srbije

Obrazovno–kulturna zajednica Roma ,,Rromanipen“

Udruženje Roma Braničevskog okruga (URBO)