When documents are far from reality

When documents are far from reality.  From political education towards self-organisation represents a collection of critical texts that were created as a result of years of work of the Roma Forum of Serbia on the programme of political education.

Referring to the official documents for inclusion policy as very far from the reality of the life of the Roma citizens, this publication mostly consists of texts that continue to critically analyse these “policies” while providing relevant insights from the field. The topics cover the issues that most of the Roma in Serbia share: they do not exercise some of the fundamental human rights such as the right to water and housing; the lack of measures which would provide access to employment for most of the Roma community and alleviate at least some of their problems; personal and public experiences related to the mechanisms of discrimination, both more open and more subtle ones, etc. This collection thus offers an insight into many topics related to marginalisation of people based on their ethnicity and other identity differences and, above all, class.

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