Commissioner: Roma candidate discriminated against by hospital

Serbian Commissioner for Protection of Equality Brankica Janković found that the General Hospital “Dr Laza Lazarevic” in Sabac discriminated a Roma candidate in the recruitment process.
In a statement, the Commissioner stated that the procedure following a complaint against the hospital due to discrimination based on belonging to the Roma national minority determined the violation of the Law Against Discrimination.

The complainant stated that had applied a number of times to the calls for positions for which he/she fulfilled the requirements, while the supporting documents had been enclosed. However, he/she has not been employed due to belonging to the Roma minority.

The Commissioner added that the hospital during the procedure failed to offer facts and evidence to prove that it had considered the application of the complainant, as well as additional documentation provided in accordance with the public announcement for admissions as well as the proof that his/her application had not been accepted due to objective reasons and not related with his/her nationality.

“Considering the facts and evidence presented, as well as statistical data on the situation of the Roma minority in the labor market, stereotypes and prejudices about the working habits of Roma, and the fact that toward this group, there is still a pronounced social distance”, the Commissioner has the opinion that the hospital discriminated against in the recruitment of candidates based on their personal characteristics – belonging to the Roma national minority.

In addition to the opinion, The Commissioner made a recommendation to the General Hospital to take measures within its jurisdiction in order to eliminate the effects of discriminatory treatment, as well as not to violate the legislation on non-discrimination.

“Given that even after the warning, the General Hospital ‘Dr Laza Lazarevic’ Sabac did not comply with the recommendation, the Commissioner for Equality, in accordance with the Law on prohibition of discrimination, has a duty to inform the public about this,” the statement said.