Elderly Roma between transitional and social justice

Elderly Roma are completely invisible in Serbian society, both as a multiply vulnerable elderly population and as part of the Roma minority that has experienced World War II and the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. The Forum Roma Serbia study  „Elderly Roma between transitional and social justice“ is a unique attempt to address or remedy some of these deficiencies by collecting the relevant information about the socio economic position of elderly Roma in the five largest cities in Serbia: Beograd, Novi Sad, Niš, Kragujevac i Požarevac. Based on these findings FRS and its partners itned to draw up policy recommendations in accordance with the New EU Roma Strategic Framework 2020-2030, which envisages combining standard social policy measures with efforts designed to recognise and confront current and historical antigypsyism and, in particular, the Roma Holocaust.

Authors: Tanja Jakobi, Dragan Stanojevic, Dejan Markovic

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Publication Elderly Roma between Transitional and Social Justice is a product of the research implemented a part of the project Advocacy Coalition for Elderly Roma in Serbia.
The project was supported by the EVZ Foundation.