Political Education Program of the Serbian Roma Forum in 2017

The Serbian Roma Forum continues its political education program this year with the support of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Office for South East Europe.

The program is intended for Roma activists, as well as for all interested social workers who see the problems of the Roma community as an important component of organizing a new social movement in Serbia. The first two workshops in this year’s program were held in Novi Sad on March 17th and March 25th. Beside Novi Sad, the workshops will be held in Niš and Kragujevac.

The workshops consist of lectures and discussions aimed at providing basic knowledge in the field of political, economic and social history, with a focus on the current social process. The focus of this year’s program is the topics related to work: current labor policies in capitalism, especially in relation to the status of the Roma community today, “flexibility” of work and overtime, labor rights and worker organization. The second focus is on the current official policies of Roma inclusion and their analysis from the left political perspective.

Workshops are organized by Tamara Baković Jadžić and Ivan Radenković.