Roma lives matter

Even before the coronavirus epidemic, the Roma community was constituted as a social category of subhumans, because Roma people often do not work for a wage and are not even working class but occupy even lower positions in the system of production. Roma lives are not only reduced to animality, but are either erased to the complete invisibility and neglect or are tokenized as an object of fake attention without any affirmation of those lives. Hence, during the pandemic, the Roma who mostly live in extremely poor substandard settlements are pushed even harder in the struggle for survival, because their lives are constructed as unimportant and discarded to the edge of total elimination of this society’s stratum.

Editor: Maja Solar

Authors: Jelena Krivokapić, Bojana Krivokapić, Jasmina Drmaku, Jelena Savić, Miljana Marić Ognjenović, Robert Kasumović, Iva Barčić, Paola Yo and Maja Solar

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