Through Spaces of Marginalization and Racialization

The political education program of the Serbian Roma Forum organized during 2022 emphasized housing, and this is also a theme that permeates most of the texts of the publication Through spaces of marginalization and racialization.

All the texts in some way deal with space with the premise that talking about spaces on the periphery of capitalism means first of all to think about spatiality through class, racialized, ethnicized, gendered and other inequalities, because that is exactly how spaces are created in this system of production.

Content of the publication:

Sevđulje Ramadani: Housing Issues of the Roma and Increasing Urban Inequality

Paola Yo: The Shades of Roma Homelessness

Robert Kasumović: Roma Community in Niš (Again) Without Electricity

Marina Salić: What Is the Future of the Roma Who Live
on the Rim of the Bor Mine?

Dina Vučković: What Happens When School Is Not Mandatory?

Aleksandar Marković: The Strategy for Social Inclusion of the Roma in the Territory of the City of Belgrade for the 2022-2032 Period: New Hope for Old Problems?

Maja Solar: Saviour and Cultural-Racist Tones of the Early Marriages Narrative

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