Public discussion “The Left and Roma communities: Inclusion trough joint struggle”

Roma Forum Serbia invites you to the public discussion “The Left and Roma communities: Inclusion trough joint struggle”

Time: Friday 22. June at 18h

Location: Magacin, Kraljevića Marka Street 4-8, Beograd

Despite the years of implementation of the official framework of inclusion of the Roma, the community is still a passive receiver of the inclusion measures aimed to equalize the rights with the majority population. In the course of this, more than a decade long, race for better statistical indicators of improvement of the situation of Roma, an entire industry of Roma NGOs has grown often taken as official representatives of local communities. The logic of exclusive project financing of the inclusion process has left in the lurch most of the Roma, who are in need of the continuity of a welfare state in order to get out of the vicious circle of poverty and discrimination. The current framework of inclusion stymies political organization of Roma communities, taking its privileged parts as the spokespersons of the community.

Apparently the wrong approach to inclusion and unfulfilled expectations by the Roma Decade has not only stifled the ability of the community to organize and brought the distrust of the Roma community towards the civil sector, but also secured the presence of the well-known racist sentiments about the inability of Roma to “integrate”.

To change this logic, we need the alliances of all progressive actors who see the inclusion of Roma communities as a structural issue within the broader struggle for equality and articulation of common interests. The discussion will seek the answers to the following questions: Who are potential allies? What structures do we need to involve the most vulnerable parts of the Roma community include in our local struggles? What are the possible common points of resistance? What resources are needed to reach out to the communities and involve them in decision-making processes? In the end, do we need another logic of self-organization?


Rastislav Dinić – Association of Free Tenants (Udruženi pokret slobodnih stanara), Nis

Isidora Petrović – Initiative Ne Da(vi)mo Beograd

Miroslav Samardžić – Zrenjanin Social Forum

Dejan Marković – FRS

Moderator: Tamara Baković Jadžić – FRS, Left Summit